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Welcome to the educational website of author Patricia L. Cummings and photographer James
Cummings. We have been online since 2002 posting many files about Redwork embroidery, antique
quilts, textile history, quilt care, general history topics, and New England.
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Mother Pillows
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"Puss in the Corner" is the name of the traditional quilt pattern used to make this wall quilt by Patricia
                       Cummings which was machine-quilted by Dreamland Machine-Quilting, LLC.

The following quilt utilizes vintage quilt blocks to assemble into a new quilt.



"Scrap Quilt 2016" is composed of vintage quilt blocks and modern borders and cornerstones, as
                       well as backing fabric. The project is machine-quilted. The 66" x 66" quilt serves as a "fabric study"
                       quilt for the 1940s/1950s.
See Pat's Quilts and Musings blogspot for writings about this quilt. Also,
                       please see our Quilter's Muse Publications Facebook page for close-ups.
Photo by James Cummings

Patricia Cummings is a free-lance writer who has written hundreds of articles about quilts and their
history, and a number of books. Her articles have been featured in many publications including
international ones. For 15 years, she was a quilt history columnist for
The Quilter magazine (until the
parent company, All-American Crafts, Inc., declared bankruptcy in August 2014).

Additional writings are presented on her Google blogspot called "Quilts and Musings" -  

A recent undertaking was a paper that is presented in Walloomsack Review, a publication of
Bennington Museum, Vol. 15, Spring 2015. The topic is "Grandma Moses: Early Quilts and
Thanks for visiting us online! Have fun visiting the files here!

We love to see your quilts, new or antique, as well as collected textiles about which you might have a
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