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World War II Artifact Images Sent by Major Elward Cortez

Patricia L. Cummings

On January 26, 2009, Major Elward Cortez sent us photos of items that had belonged to his grandfather who served at
Sheppard Field, Texas. He included a his grandfather's photo, a pillow cover he had sent to his wife, the words to the poem
thereon, an image of the envelope in which his grandfather mailed the pillow cover, and the star banner his wife hung in the
window to indicate that a loved one was away at war.

Tech Corporal Elward J. Cortez, Sr., grandfather of Major Elward Cortez, served in the U.S. Army Air Forces at Sheppard
Field, Texas. His rank was still "Private" Elward J. Cortez, Sr. when he mailed the pillow to his wife during World War II.

                                         "To My Wife" Pillow from World War II   

                                                       Close-up of the words on the pillow


                          This is the envelope the pillow was mailed in, complete with an upside-down, three cent stamp!

Please see my book
Sweetheart & Mother Pillows 1917-1945 (Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2011) for detailed care instructions!

During World War II, a small window banner with one blue star meant that one member of the family was "in service" to the
country. This star banner was hung in the window by Mrs. Rosalie Cortez.

                                                            Sweethearts Forever


We always love to hear from readers and we appreciate the chance to share your beloved and treasured artifacts. Many thanks
to Major Elward Cortez for sending these photos of his relatives for the viewing pleasure of our readers.

Copyright 2009. All photos shown here belong to Major Cortez. Do not copy them to any other site without expressed written
permission. Thank you! Patricia and James Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications, Concord, NH. Photo edits by Patricia
Cummings. All rights reserved.