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World War I Pillow Covers
Patricia L. Cummings
with photo contributions as noted

"Lady Liberty" Pillow Cover - Army Motor Transport Corps;this item appears is in exceptionally fine condition. Photo courtesy of
eBay seller, "jbftaylor."

This colorful 17" square pillow cover called, "Lady Liberty," shows her holding the flags of France and England, with a U.S.
bunting flag positioned in the middle. It is stamped "To Sweetheart" in the lower left hand corner. On the upper right hand corner
is stamped "U.S. Motor Transport Corps" and there is "a soldier's helmet with wings."

World War I Patriotic Pillow honors "World War Service." This photo was taken by "secondfront," an eBay seller who has kindly
shared it here.

Patriotism and a Global Outlook Part of Pillow Making

In the following pillow image that bears the name "United States Marines"we see an eagle standing on top of a globe behind which
is placed an anchor. The anchor has long been a Christian symbol, as well as one that is representative of the Navy.

In this case, without further information, we can only guess as to the overall meaning of the motif on this United States Marine
pillow. Unlike later pillows in WWII, this pillow appears to have a yellow braided-trim edge instead of a fringe.

Eagle, Flags, Dough Boy, and More:  Images of World War I

                         WWI - U.S. Marines - eagle, anchor, and globe, photo courtesy of John Grindahl

We are very fortunate to show you another WWI vintage pillow in the following photo. The writing on the pillow says "TANK
CORPS," which refers to the 81st Infantry division. The words, "Treat Em Rough" appears in cursive writing. According to
Walter L. Sarama, the "wildcat" is the mascot of the 81st division. In this instance, the cat is seen on top of a tank, wearing a
WWI helmet. The pillow is velvet and measures about 21" x 14". Sarama tells us that this division was the first WWI unit to start
wearing a shoulder insignia.

World War I, 81st Army division, cat in helmet on a tank; the photo of this vintage item was taken by Walter L. Sarama.

Yet Another World War I Patriotic Pillow

A very special World War I pillow top features the word "Victory," in large, shadowed letters. Underneath a star, and enclosed
within a partial wreath, are the words, "In Memory of My Service - Worlds War." A ribbon at the base of the wreath contains the
dates "1917" and "1918." The U.S.S. Alabama is the ship seen in the image below. Close-ups follow.

WWI Pillow Sham with eagle, "Victory," wreath, poem, and the U.S.S. Alabama; and WWI pillow, close-up. The wreath bears
the dates 1917 and 1918

                             Thanks to "Kim B" for sending this photo of a pillow from World War I.

Many thanks to the contributor of some of the photos above who wishes to remain anonymous.

To read more about World War I History and to see many additional examples of military textiles, please see my book
& Mother Pillows
published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2011.

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