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It's a Grand Old Flag
It's a Grand Old Flag
A patriotic song recorded by Patricia Cummings in 2007


                                                         Miniature Quilt made by Joyce Hesketh

                                          4th of July postcard, 1903. Collection of Patricia Cummings

                           This wall quilt began life as a "Whig's Defeat" quilt block to which I added embellishments,
                           calligraphy, buttons and other special effects. The words in the center say "Liberty is Our Motto,"
                           inspired by a 19th century song sung by abolitionists in New Hampshire: the Hutchinson Family
                           singers. Photo by James Cummings

Posted by Patricia L. Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications, Concord, NH. All rights reserved.
mini quilt by Joyce Hesketh; Quilter's Muse Publications
postcard from the collection of Patricia Cummings
quilt designed and made by Patricia Cummings