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Grace Deering Ship Quilt by Carol Godreau
Grace Deering Ship Quilt by Carol Godreau: A Quilt with Family Connections

Patricia L. Cummings

When presented with a challenge by her quilting club to make an "art quilt," Connecticut resident Carol Godreau had to look
no further for inspiration than her own family's history. No stranger to "outline stitch embroidery," she aptly put both her
embroidery and her quilting skills to work to make a wall quilt that features a ship.

                                   Ship Quilt, the "Grace Deering," an original design by Carol Godreau

The "Grace Deering" Ship Built in 1874

With only six months to complete the quilt, Carol Godreau decided to make a replica of the "Grace Deering" ship whose
captain was Sumner Drinkwater, her great-great uncle. No picture of the ship exists except for an oil painting that his
daughter had sold to a hotel. As luck would have it, the Maine Maritime Museum allowed Carol to use one black and white
photo negative that they had in their collection so that she could use it as a basis for creating the quilt shown above.

                               Photo Transfers tell the story of this quilt on the quilt's reverse side

On the back of the quilt, the quilter has placed photo transfers of shipping logs, the captain's gravestone, and other
information about the ship from the time it was built until its demise.

At Maine Quilts 2007, the quilt show set up each year by the
Pine Tree Quilt Guild (a statewide organization), Carol's lovely
tribute to the "captain" of this vessel was on display. The quilt is sure to become a family heirloom. Congratulations to Carol
Godreau for again making history come alive in a meaningful way!

Carol Godreau and the beautiful Redwork quilt she made are featured in a chapter of the book
Redwork Embroidery and
Needlework Traditions in Europe and America: A Look Back, A Look Ahead
(Concord, NH: Quilter's Muse Publications),
2006.ISBN 0-9769763-4-X  

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Copyright July 2007. Patricia Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications, Concord, NH. All rights reserved.

photo by James Cummings
The back of Carol Godreau's quilt - photo by James Cummings