Shady Grove
Billings Farm & Museum Opens 29th Annual Quilt Exhibition

Patricia L. Cummings

"Glacier Star" is the quilt that first meets the viewer's eye at the new exhibit. Entered by
                Christy Thomas, the quilt was designed by Judy Niemeyer, taught in a class by Jackie Kunkel,
                and machine-pieced and quilted by Carolyn Niesuchouski

Each year we look forward to seeing the variety of quilts produced by the quilters from Windsor
County, Vermont whose quilts are shown at an annual exhibition at Billings Farm & Museum,
Woodstock, Vermont. The exhibition will be available for the public to view from August 1 until
September 20, 2015, with admission to the museum. Quilting demonstrations and activities are
planned for each day and visitors will be able to see the Dairy Farm, Farm Life Exhibits, and an
1890 Farm House interior.

There are 28 quilts in the main part of the show, all very different in their approach to quilting. In
addition, there are 12 challenge quilts; more on those later. Here are a few more quilts to entice
you to visit the exhibit. All of the quilts are of the finest quality.

               "Sue's Sudoku" is a quilt inspired by an original quilt by Jennie Rayment seen at the
            Mancuso Quilt Show, an international quilt exhibition. This was made by Sue Geno.


 "A Bevy of Boxers" is a quilt made by Charlotte Croft using her grandson's
                     boxer shorts as inspiration for this large quilt.

                                   "Kansas Connection" by Lynn Way is a small quilt
                                   that is machine-quilted. We love the cheerful colors
                                   and the three-dimensional effect.

The five seasons is the theme for this year's Challenge Quilts. As you may know,
Vermont has one additional season:  mud season!  My favorite of the 12 entries is a quilt
by Jean Cole. It features a winter bird, boots, lilacs, beach thongs, and a fall scene.

 "The Five Seasons of Vermont" are represented by this quilt made by Jean Cole

This is but a glimpse of the whole exhibit and we have highlighted the quilts that we liked the best
but there are many other very worthy examples of quilts being made by today's quilters in
Vermont, a thriving area of quilting. The exhibition and the museum itself are well worth your
time to visit. The address is Route 12N, Woodstock, Vermont. Find more information at

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2015. Published by Quilter's Muse Publications. Photos by James Cummings. Text by Patricia Cummings. All Rights
Reserved. Questions can be directed to
Photo by James Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications
Photo by James Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications
Photo by James Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications
Photo by James Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications