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                            Patricia Cummings - Photo taken on January 20, 2014

This spring I decided to look at my website with an eye toward reorganization. Then other activities
interrupted me and I have not yet fully restored or re-edited files that were offered here in the past.
There are some links available to articles to read on the main page called "

The League of NH Fair will be coming up again in August. One of the most wonderful exhibits is provided by Ira Frost. His
work is shown here as it was featured in
The Quilter magazine a while back.

I have been too busy enjoying quilting and needlework and doing other things such as posting to my
blog "
Quilts and Musings" on a pretty regular basis. There is never enough time for those of us who
are creative people. Enjoy what is here. Hope to be adding more files soon!

Stella Blunt (right) and Patricia Cummings in Civil War dress hold up a quilt top that  Stella brought to
               a presentation about Civil War quilts by Cummings at the New London Historical Society in August 2011

As stated on a rubber stamp I just purchased: "Love-Laugh-Love!" Hope you are enjoying the
summer if it is summer where you are located!