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Welcome to Quilter's Muse Publications' website. We are happy that you are here. I began a revision of this site which has been
online since 2002. However, I ran into a few stumbling blocks, not the least of which is the need for eye surgery! After the first
of the year I hope to be in full swing again researching quilts, documenting textiles, and sharing my findings with you!

Patricia L. Cummings

Why the guitar? I love to sing folksongs, especially those related to the history of our country, the
United States of America. I will be uploading song files again when I get around to it. Currently, I am
revising this website and the many files that were previously posted here.

Lately, we are posting more frequently to a Google blogspot called "Quilts and Musings" -  

               Patricia Cummings standing amid quilts made by Gail Wilson, displayed during
               Columbus Day Weekend 2014 at the Monadnock Quilter's Guild Show

Please use the tabs on the upper left of this page to navigate to various groups of articles about
history and quilts. Thanks for visiting us online!

Pat and Jim Cummings
Quilter's Muse Publications